Soccer Corner Kick - Soccer Law #17

Soccer Law #17 – corner kicks are a crucial aspect of soccer that can completely change the outcome of a game. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about corner kicks, including their definition, rules, and strategies.

What is a Corner Kick in Soccer?

A corner kick ( also known as a “Set Piece”) is a type of free-kick that is awarded to the attacking team when the ball goes out of play across the defending team’s goal line, either by being kicked or touched by a defending player. The main objective of a corner kick is to create a scoring opportunity for the attacking team.

If a goal is not scored directly from the corner kick, the ball remains in play until it leaves the penalty area. If a defending player touches the ball before it leaves the penalty area, the attacking team can take another corner kick.Soccer Field Size 1

Soccer Corner Kick Rules

There are strict rules that must be followed when taking a corner kick in soccer. Here are some of the most important ones:

The Ball Must Be Stationary When Kicked

The ball must be stationary when the corner kick is taken. The player taking the corner kick must place the ball inside the corner arc nearest to where the ball went out of bounds, and they are not allowed to kick the ball until the referee gives the signal.

The Ball Is In Play When It Has Been Kicked And Moves

Once the ball has been kicked and is in motion, it is considered in play. Players from both teams can then try to gain possession of the ball and score a goal.

Defending Players Must Stay At Least 10 Yards From The Corner Area

Defending players must stand at least 10 yards away from the corner area until the ball is in play. If they fail to do so, the referee may caution them with a yellow card or even send them off with a red card.

The Corner Kick Must Be Retaken If The Rules Are Broken

If any of the above rules are broken, the corner kick must be retaken. If a player kicks the ball directly into the goal from the corner kick without the ball touching any other player, the goal is considered valid.

Strategies for Taking Corner Kicks

Corner kicks are an excellent opportunity for the attacking team to score a goal. There are several strategies that teams can use to increase their chances of scoring from a corner kick:

Swinging the Ball In

One of the most common strategies for taking a corner kick is to swing the ball towards the goalmouth. This involves the player taking the corner kick to kick the ball with a curved trajectory towards the goal area. This technique allows attacking players to run onto the ball and make a direct shot at the goal.

Short Corner

A short corner involves the player taking the corner kick to pass the ball to a teammate who is positioned near the corner arc. This strategy is used to confuse the defending team and create space for the attacking team to score.

Far Post Delivery

A far post delivery involves the player taking the corner kick to aim the ball towards the far post of the goal area. This strategy allows the attacking team to take advantage of the space on the far side of the goal area and score a goal.


In conclusion, corner kicks are an essential part of soccer that can be used to create scoring opportunities for the attacking team. 

By understanding the rules and strategies for taking corner kicks, teams can increase their chances of scoring goals and winning games. Remember to practice these techniques and develop your skills, and you will soon become a master of corner kicks. (1)