2 Soccer Skills You Should Master

Lets take a look at the 2 essential soccer skills all players need to master

Shooting and Heading the soccer ball are two soccer skills you should master and are essential for your soccer success.  In this article, we will look at some of the important aspects of both.

The shooting skills you should master.

Every player should be trained to be able to strike the ball for a shot on goal.

This is important to ensure the player has the skill so they can capitalize on any goal-scoring opportunity.

Soccer Skills

The following are some tips on how to master shooting skills that are necessary for your soccer success moving forward. 

Being able to take a quick look at the goalkeeper’s position and stance, and them making a split-second decision, on how to shoot the ball towards the goal.

This calculation should be done with precision and swiftness and must be practiced over and over and over again.

Taking a shot as quickly as possible should be mastered so you will be able to capitalize on goal scoring opportunities.
Being able to execute this in one quick motion will prevent the goal keeper from reading your actions, and being less likly to block your shot.

Soccer Skills

Taking The Shot!

The player should also work on the skill of taking a shot confidently as any hesitation will jeopardize the percentage of a successfully scored goal. Being confident will contribute to the mental and physical
advantage of accuracy which will enhance the chance of a successful shot.

Learning how to make an accurate shot through the middle or top half of the ball is also something that should be mastered with speed and power. This will help the travel time of the ball to be faster, thus
finding its target without conceding control of the ball to the opponent. (1)

Using your head to your advantage

Besides using the feet as the dominant feature in the soccer game, there are some moves that call for the use of the head to create successful goals. The player can master the skill of using the head to direct the ball accurately and consistently into the goal net, thereby successfully scoring a higher number of goals for the team.

Soccer Skills Header
Soccer Skills Header

The following are some of the formats that can be successfully utilized by the head action in contributing to scoring goals:

Heading To Score Goals

1.  When high balls are seen to be approaching, the player can use the head to make contact with the ball in mid flight to redirect in to a specified position where the team mate would be on alert and waiting to receive it. If the header is stuck correctly, it will usually be able to find its target without much obstruction, mainly due to the height its trajectory forms.

2. Any soccer player who can master the art of using the head to direct the ball in flight into the goal post area would be an asset to the team. This action would take a lot of hours to master as the accuracy levels needed are considered extremely high, yet using this technique most time allows the goals to be scored without much obstruction from the goal keeper.

This is especially advantages as the players would limit the time the ball is on the ground, where it’s easier for the opponent to gain control of the ball.

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Being able to capitalize on using headers will also help the player gain possession of the ball and redirect it in mid-flight. This is also advantageous as the direction of the ball can then be changed in favor
of the team. This can turn the pace and direction the game is taking, and it certainly makes for a more exciting outcome. (1)

FAQs – Soccer Skills

  1. What are the two essential soccer skills every player needs to master?

    • Shooting and heading the soccer ball are crucial skills for soccer success. They are fundamental techniques that players should strive to master.
  2. Why is mastering shooting skills important in soccer?

    • Mastering shooting skills is vital for capitalizing on goal-scoring opportunities. Players need to learn to quickly assess the goalkeeper’s position and make split-second decisions to shoot the ball accurately towards the goal.
  3. How can a player improve their shooting technique?

    • Players should practice taking shots quickly and confidently, focusing on accuracy and power. Training to hit the middle or top half of the ball can enhance the speed and accuracy of shots.
  4. What is the importance of heading in soccer?

    • Heading is important for redirecting the ball accurately towards the goal net, which can increase the team’s goal-scoring chances. It’s a skill that can change the direction of the game and provide an advantage over the opponent.
  5. What are some techniques for effective heading?

    • Players should learn to use their head to redirect high balls in mid-flight to a teammate or towards the goal. Mastering heading requires precision and can significantly contribute to scoring goals with less obstruction from the goalkeeper.