How To Play Soccer 101

Beginner Drills and Moves Essential For Success on the field

Parents, Players and coaches alike are often looking for help on how to play soccer when they 1st start the game. In this article you will find some helpful information to get you started playing soccer.

Soccer is sometimes also called football, and is a game played and enjoyed all over the world. 

There are some skills that you need to have to play soccer well. 

The following are some of the more popular moves that are essential for playing soccer.

How to play soccer 101

2v2 quick attacking soccer drill

In this drill you will learn how to attack and defend better.m Two of the fundamental aspects of the game.

How To Play Soccer
2v2+4 passing, possession Drill

2v2+4 passing, possession 

these too are specific moves that should be worked on consistently. The focus here is on passing, possession or a combination of both when the ball is in play. receiving the all and making effective passes are vary important when you play soccer.

Triangle goal game

Pass, Move… Find space… this is one of the foundations of playing soccer. Teammates learn to work and pass in triangles up and down the pitch. 

How To Play Soccer

5 pass possession game

the passing drills here also pay special attention of creating play by dominating ball possession while completing a series of passes. This possession of the ball skills is to allow the player to concentrate on awareness, speed of play, support and movement to maintain possession. This is especially useful when the movements are fast and furious around the opposing team’s goals scoring areas.

Developing Your Touch On The Ball

Excellent moves you can do with your feet

The feet are probably the most important contributing body part for the game of soccer, as the other part of the body have rather restricted uses within the game.

As the feet are in contact with the ground all the different movements for soccer drills, some consideration should be given to ensure the impact on the feet does not come at the price of injury, due to improper use of the feet within the sphere of playing soccer.How To Play Soccer

In order to receive and maneuver the ball well the player would need to use the inside or outside of the foot to steer the ball away from the pressure so that some space can be created to make the next move or pass more directional.

This will also allow for better dribble movements without killing the ball’s movements when initial contact is made with the feet. Toughing the ball to the side with the inside or outside of the foot a few feet away from the body will make the next pass easier and more forceful if needed, thus importance to master a good first touch routine.How To Play Soccer

The good first touch routine will allow comfortable control of the ball in front of the player with enough room to convert the movement into a dribbling motion or a good passing motion. It also facilitates ideal and quick movement of the ball, holding power over the ball and goal scoring actions.

how to play soccer 101

This will also allow the player to steer the ball away from the defender and into the space where the body and arms can make a formation to block and protect the ball possession until it is
passes on to another team member. This will effectively stop the defender from rushing at the ball to try and gain possession.

rondo 1st touch drill

How to play soccer 101